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Founder and President of AdMedia

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Danny Bibi

Danny Bibi is the Founder and President of AdMedia, a performance-based advertising network company that helps their clients to scale their business and their voice online.  AdMedia has about 150 sites within their network that they own and operate as well as being the creator of more than 40 different traffic products, including contextual.com and intextual.com.  Contextual is a product that creates text ads that compete with Google Adsense.  AdMedia has also build mobile ad products that show ads based on the location of the user.  AdMedia can help you create new advertising without being reliant on Facebook or even Google Ads.  The company makes use of machine learning and AI to provide the best returns on advertisement to their clients.

At AdMedia, we really try to look at advertising from a user’s perspective. We have our own data management platform with over 200 million profiles in the U.S. with detailed information such as age, gender, location, income level, and FICO score. We can even drill down to the actual goals of the user and what they are in the market for. It helps us to make decisions about buying ads on a user. It gives us the ability to really target the user across channels and across devices.

Contextual advertising is becoming one of the most effective forms of getting a message across on the Internet. Driven by close connections with the subject matter that customers are searching for, contextual advertising can provide an excellent alternative to behavioral targeting systems.

Danny Bibi has been working in the digital advertising industry for over two decades as a publisher, advertiser, marketing consultant, and lead developer.

He is the founder and president of AdMedia, a performance-based advertising network company that helps clients scale their business and voice online. Their network consists of around 150 sites that they own and operate.

At AdMedia, we believe brands need to evolve their advertising approach to reach customers in innovative and efficient ways. That’s why today they’re excited to announce the launch of Contextual.com, a site that is changing how brands target and measure their campaigns. With their new Contextual.com platform, they’re making it easier than ever for brands to target consumers with relevant ads.

When a freelance journalist asked Danny Bibi, founder, president, and CEO of the performance-based advertising network AdMedia, to sit down for an in-depth interview, he agreed readily, eager to share his knowledge and experiences with the public. 

It is with great enthusiasm that Danny Bibi, founder, president, and CEO of the performance-based advertising network AdMedia, announces that he is the featured guest on a new episode of a popular, interview-based podcast. 

AdMedia and its CEO Danny Bibi have presented a podcast conversation with one of its valued executives, Jeff Alderman. 

Contextual advertising is becoming the most popular method of Internet advertising in 2022. Contextual advertising has several major advantages over behavioral targeting, and it is well-suited to play a significant role in the future of online advertising.

Contextual advertising from firms like AdMedia has vastly expanded in recent years. Browser makers respond to pressure from privacy advocates and national governments by removing third-party tracking cookies from the ad landscape, significantly reducing behavioral targeting.

The digital advertising market is changing rapidly. Many browsers l have announced the imminent demise of third-party cookies, meaning that businesses that rely on cookies will have difficulty tracking their customers online and serving relevant advertising.

Native advertising has expanded rapidly in recent years. It came about because advertisers wanted to target audiences that were searching certain content, such as travel companies trying to target people who were searching travel tips.

“The industry is changing, and so for those folks that don’t have their own architecture, their own inventory, their own technology or their own tech stack, they’re going to be negatively affected…”

Online advertising is one of the most profitable and competitive spaces for marketing. It is quite a difficult challenge to be able to create a high performing advertising campaign from scratch. However, there are specific steps and strategies you can take to increase your chances of success.

Cross-channel remarketing can be a highly effective way of capturing your customers’ attention. Through cross-channel remarketing, websites are able to recapture visitors and reinforce their message.

While Google continues to dominate the paid search landscape, marketers who dedicate the lion’s share of their digital marketing budget to Google are likely diluting their investment value.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 14, 2021 / It is with great pride and enthusiasm that Danny Bibi, founder and CEO of the advertising network company AdMedia, heralds the unveiling of his new website. 

“I’ve been working in the online advertising space about 25 years, and I started AdMedia about 20 years ago. AdMedia is a bit like a conglomerate, taking all of these different pieces, sites, verticals, and digital assets and integrating them into one platform which does everything from search to video on several different channels.”

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, April 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is with great pleasure that Danny Bibi, founder and president of the California-based digital advertising firm AdMedia, announces that he is the subject of a new interview conducted by a noted online periodical aimed at entrepreneurs.

Mobile marketing is quickly eclipsing traditional desktop marketing. There was a time where most people didn’t have a mobile phone but now the overwhelming majority of people have and use a mobile device multiple times throughout the day. These devices do more than just make calls, as they are now able to do almost everything that a computer can do from anywhere including reading this article and even buying a car. 

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2021 / Recently, performance-based advertising network company AdMedia debuted contextual targeting advertising, an efficient, custom-tailored advertising solution enabling companies to better reach likely buyers with precise and relevant messages across multiple platforms. 

On this week’s episode of Industry Elites, Natalie and Vicki had the opportunity to chat with Jeff Alderman, a pioneer in digital media and search marketing. He is passionate about building high-performing teams to take on bigger brands which he’s done several times over his 25-year career in e-commerce and digital marketing.

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is with great enthusiasm that Danny Bibi, founder and president of the Los Angeles, California-based online advertising company AdMedia, announces that he is the subject of an in-depth interview

(Newswire.net — September 30, 2021) — Many online marketing companies claim that their ads are precisely targeted and will reach the exact customer base you need. Still, sometimes these companies cannot measure up in terms of providing accurately targeted ads.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2021 / It is with great pleasure and pride that Danny Bibi, founder, president, and CEO of AdMedia, announces the debut of contextual targeting advertising. 

The days of blanketing the Internet with the same display or mobile app have ended. Customers are looking for more subtle types of advertising, focused on their needs, wants, and on their stage in the purchasing journey.

Consumers are frequently targeted with competing advertising messages. From their social media feeds to their favorite websites, customers have learned to tune out ads that don’t hold their interest visually.

No matter where a customer turns on the internet, they are surrounded by advertising noise. Competing marketing messages that do not pique their interest clutter websites and mobile platforms.

By 2023, the third-party cookie will be phased out from the Google Chrome browser. This will cause a shakeup in the digital advertising world and force companies to turn to new and more sophisticated audience targeting methods.

Contextual Targeting Advertising such as that offered by the Los Angeles, CA company AdMedia is coming to the forefront of the online advertising world. This method can expand public awareness of your brand, boost visits to your website, and lead to higher sales numbers.

Today, old methods of selling online are becoming obsolete. Many marketing executives have come to rely on techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), whitelists, and behavioral targeting

Artificial intelligence has become essential to modern marketing. Companies are finding newer, more creatives ways to integrate AI into their marketing strategies. This goes for both brand and performance marketing.

Shockwaves traveled through e-commerce companies and advertisers when the phaseout of third-party cookies was first announced. Third-party cookies are used to track individual consumers across every website they visit, sometimes producing an intrusive atmosphere for the average consumer.

Danny Bibi, head of AdMedia of Los Angeles, California, believes relevant advertising is important for business owners. It can be difficult to reach your target audience with the correct message, so contextual targeting advertising helps provide relevant ads specifically designed for you and your customers’ needs. 

Most companies have data that they don’t use effectively. Danny Bibi of AdMedia in Los Angeles, California, believes that businesses are so focused on productivity, efficiency, and profit margins that they forget to invest in relationships with their customers.

At its core, contextual targeting matches things that are not explicitly stated to things that are. Using an example of “shoes,” the outside viewer would see it as something people put on their feet. Danny Bibi, head of AdMedia of Los Angeles, California, understands that they might even assume there’s some additional context, like the color of the shoes or for whom they’re being bought.

AdMedia, an expert digital marketing firm, offers a Virtual Lunch & Learn Program that seeks to educate qualified professionals with crucial marketing techniques and information. Partnered with Doordash, the program provides a healthy meal and a quality educational experience.

AdMedia and CEO Danny Bibi are fortunate to count many prominent companies among its valued clients. The company has been focused on creating excellent value for its digital marketing customers for over 20 years, and its level of expertise shows in its results.

Danny Bibi is the Founder and President of AdMedia, a performance-based advertising network company that helps their clients to scale their business and their voice online. 

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